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Likes making people happy, attention to detail and realism, playing with tech, helping others, and building PCs

Vany, catching some Hydaelyn rays.

With FFXIV, my history pretty much mirrors Sorya’s except I joined 4 months later since I needed a way to communicate with her cos she was living in Eorzea 24/7 and not so much in real life.

Sorya, now easily accessible via in-game chat. *^*

I’m proud of my early adventures in Eorzea. I button-mashed enthusiastically and told off Sorya when she tried to explain, with a long-suffering and bemused patience, that button mashing does not give me higher dps. I walked around in just a Yukata cos I didn’t understand item stats and gear protection, and I wanted to look as cool as all my max-level friends.

Ah, the good old days of no gear and no clue.

I levelled most classes by FATEing rather than doing actual content because I was scared of being near people. All in all, I was an awesomely inept Elezen with a propensity for getting myself killed since I didn’t understand that I had to avoid mobs significantly higher than myself. At level 10, I gleefully ran at mobs with my bow, dress, Elezen shoes, and magic-stat accessories.

That pretty much sums me up. I live life like I lived my first weeks in Eorzea. But I do it with style. Or maybe less style and more ineptitude and clumsiness.

I want to buy a pair of sexy thighs like these in real life please. *^*

The Girl Behind the Avatar

I’m a self-taught artist, writer, photographer, and web designer. Yep, it’s me who made this site, so if you hate it, please direct all insults my way. I also love building PCs, eating mints, listening to music (K-Pop mostly nowadays, ha!), making people smile, and helping others.

Why can’t I look like Vany? Why can’t I be tall?

I love anything I’m not allowed to get my hands on like power tools, chainsaws, swords, and bows. I love DIY, but DIY doesn’t love me since I’m the world’s biggest clutz. My body thinks doorframes are meant for close inspection of the painful type, and my feet love to trip over imaginary obstacles. If anyone could win an award for being dyspraxic, it’d be me. Maybe I already have – my memory is so forgetful that I’ve probably misplaced the trophy.

Wow, I found some sun indoors.

As for my core values, I believe that people should be equal, that wealth should be distributed evenly instead of the poor/rich divide we have now, and I believe the world is a global entity that shouldn’t be shut off and fought over. I believe in freedom of movement, respect, and kindness. I believe the capitalist system should end. I believe strongly in a basic living wage for all, where people would only work if they chose to, or they could work on hobbies and creating things. I believe that adding something to this world, leaving something positive behind after we’re gone, is far more beautiful than taking things away and collecting money in order to have a basic level of comfort.

Swimming with the besties. And the sharks.
My friend’s room, and me doing my best to look as fierce as him.
Don’t mess with me. I have a Zeta.

I blame it all on my Asperger’s, but I’m not sorry. My autism makes me a geeky weirdo, and geeky weirdos are the best kind of weirdos. It also gives me lots of strengths (thanks, autism psychologist, I can now say that without feeling like a liar) such as my art and, I hope, my writing – although I’m self-taught, so anyone who believes that it makes me inferior can deduct some cool-points from me and I’ll tell you off later.

I have a shiny stick and thigh-highs. Beware.

I guess a point I should make clear is that I’m notoriously slow at updating my social medias or doing art, but I wish I wasn’t. At the moment I’m concentrating on writing my epic fantasy novel, a little of which I’ll post in a different tab at the top, and it’s the hobby I most enjoy. 😀

My best friend Arch with me and Sorya.

Oh, and lastly but most importantly: BREXIT SUCKS. Xenophobia is NOT cool. The rise of right-wing extremism and the habit of blaming all of today’s problems on minorities terrifies me. Minorities are the ones who have the smallest voices, they’re the easy targets. How can closing off our country – and our ears – make us better?

We should be welcoming like Scotland. Scottish independence when? :3 I so want to be independent, so we can stand as equals with the UK but go our separate ideological ways, with our many exports of fuels, fish, and whisky to ensure our buoyancy.

Mini explosions going off in a room. All is normal with me and my friends.
I don’t remember much about the one time I did this fight… except dying. A lot. But this is a pretty cutscene.
Pretty certain I’ve become better since those early days…. on occasion.

Vany’s Art

If you’re curious about my artwork, here you go. Mostly K-pop Idols and cute things. Or is that a tautology?

Please click on a picture to see it full-sized.


(Epic Fantasy Novel)

I love writing. It’s my favourite hobby. I’ve written short stories, novelettes, and novels. My current story, an epic fantasy, is my passion and I hope to get it published one day if it’s good enough. I wanna be a writer so badly, someone who can write things others love. Imagine writing something that people want to spend time on, a world(s) they want to be in. *^* #LIFEGOALS


I’m not ashamed to say I’m a crazy cat lady. Cats are so empathetic and intelligent and regal, and when I’m down they come over to comfort me. I think they’re the highest form of being since they basically sleep all day and get fed and stroked without putting in much effort. Imagine a life like that. O___O

When Sorya and I were in a bad place, a little miracle came our way with the name of Yuki, a stunning (so absolutely stunning) Siberian kitten who loved to open doors when you shut them, play hide and seek around the house, and jump on my knee the second I fell asleep anywhere. She was so caring too, sensing if someone needed her for cuddles. She held our lives together through some of the most difficult times. I’ve never met any cat like her.

We lost her when she was 17 months old. Far too soon for such a precious, irreplaceable light. Our world broke apart that day. The house was bereft. I think it as only because of how worried about us our families were that we ended up being introduced to…

Yuki’s little sisters, Sumi and Suki. They’re also Siberians but they’re not blood related to Yuki. Sumi is Polish, with national and international champions in her bloodline. She’s so beautiful and sweet-natured. Unfortunately, her little sister Suki is the opposite and picks on her whenever we turn our backs. At least the endless fighting keeps us active, and as they get older they should calm down. I hope. I pray. O__O

We love them, and we know Yuki watches over them. I wish Yuki would tell Chungus Suki not to keep eating everything she finds though. That cat is going to grow up huge, and I fear for my safety if she ever goes more than a night without food. Believe it or not, she is also the most absolute sweetheart I’ve ever met. She has so much love to give (non-cats), and she purrs and licks and mewls regularly. We have our work cut out with her, though, because she’s even tried to eat chocolate before, and chocolate chips in a muffin. She eats chips, bananas, melons, wraps, coconuts, apples, pears, oranges – literally anything she can get her teeth on. And, as you can probably see, some of these are dangerous to cats. I guess now you can imagine what life is like with Suki. Sometimes I wonder if Sumi sleeps up in the top of her cat tree to avoid being eaten too.

So what makes me a crazy cat lady?

I enjoy it.

[Photos to come!]

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