A chance to win a painting by Vany

Event description and start time coming very soon. Please look forward to it! In the meantime, here are the rules. Please read them carefully!

Iseyara/Vany's art

If you win, you must:

  • be part of Artnia FC to claim and receive your prize
  • be a fan of photo-realistic art as the artist does not paint in a stylised way
  • be willing to wait some time for the artwork to be completed (the artist takes time to paint details, but she has other things that take up her irl time as well as painting)
  • provide a HQ reference image if you win and the artist will reproduce this as she sees fit
  • note that the artist prefers to paint real people, but she is open to some other subjects such as pets and FF characters

“I prefer to paint people, but I’m open to discussion. I do only paint realism though.”


Click to see more in Vany’s gallery