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Scots, Latin (kinda), tiny bit of German & French
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United Kingdom
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Sometimes I do musical things. Someday you might hear them. I write a lot. I take photos. I cook. I can't hold a pen properly and I'm shit at art & crafty stuff. I like linguistics and chocolate, in reverse order. Ripples > buenos. Still dreaming of the 4.5 kg toby. *^*
Soundberries create music--singing, music production, playing instruments, teaching in these areas, etc.
Scribberries love writing--poetry, blogs, novels, short stories, novelettes, novellas, song writing, etc.
Foodberries love making food, whether that be as a hobby or a job. Cakes, main dishes, desserts--lots of types of food are made by our members.
Snapberries love photography. They might have a DSLR, a bridge camera, an SLR, or even just their mobile--but they love taking photos.
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