Artnia’s Music & Soundbites

Here are some music pieces by our talented members. They are in no particular order, so browse them as you wish. 🙂

Milla sings Tangled here
Our talented member, Milla sings Speechless, a Disney song
Milla beautifully sings Reflection

Mary also sings It’s Over, Isn’t It? – such an epic song!

Our vocal teacher and resident massage expert, Mama Gedo, composes songs and melodies. This is her midi (as yet, no vocals)

Set of Stairs, by Electric Penguin
Alone, performed by Electric Penguin and inspired by Joe Hisaishi
Crystal Cave, by Electric Penguin
Final Goodbye, by Electric Penguin
Ark also makes music and plays the piano and acoustic guitar.
Song of the Ancients, performed by Ark
Scuffed Gerudo, by Ark
Everything is All Right, by Ark
Kass Theme, performed by Ark
Romance Anonimo, by Ark
Villancico de Navidad – Agustin_Barrios, performed by Ark
BWV 1007 Prelude – Bach, performed by Ark
Les Adieux – F. Sor, performed by Ark