Creative Groups

Soulberries might not create often or at all, but they love seeing others do so and are generally fans of art, reading, music, games, etc.
Homeberries love designing homes, whether that be by using specialist design software, a pencil and paper, or house-building features in games.
Snapberries love photography. They might have a DSLR, a bridge camera, an SLR, or even just their mobile--but they love taking photos.
Foodberries love making food, whether that be as a hobby or a job. Cakes, main dishes, desserts--lots of types of food are made by our members.
Filmberries love making movies or working with videos, whether that be uploading Youtube vids, running a vlog, etc.
Soundberries create music--singing, music production, playing instruments, teaching in these areas, etc.
Gameberries design games--programmers, coders, designers, they're all included.
Scribberries love writing--poetry, blogs, novels, short stories, novelettes, novellas, song writing, etc.
Artberries are people who create all forms of art and aesthetic things--3D art, traditional art, digital art, prop creation, cosplay work, game art, V...