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What We Believe in

We welcome and encourage all forms of creative expression in the FC - from artists to game devs to musicians to hobbyists. We also welcome non-creatives who just want to admire everyone's work (but please, no downloading/uploading others' work without their permission! We want everyone to respect each other's rights and be encouraging of their interests).

LGBTQIA+ friendly. Be nice, be welcome. No drama please - just a safe home for everyone.

Fun & Laughter




Artnia FC and Discord Server for Creatives

Artnia FC and Discord Server for Creatives

Artnia is a creative Free Company on FFXIV whose primary aim is to bring artists, creatives, and art lovers together from around the world to display their work here, on our Discord server, and on our social media page. The name comes from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy art cafe in Japan, Artnia. That fits us rather well since we’re a relaxed, creative-loving group of FFXIV fans! 🙂 We’re also very LGBTQIA+ friendly – many members are in this community. We’re also disability friendly. As long as you’re nice, you’re welcome here! We want to run a home and community, a safe space for all where people can feel equal, not run a place where we have to moderate drama and bickering. Our members also have other hobbies and perhaps even multiple creative outlets. Some of us are even into fantasy too. And reading. And writing. And photography. And gaming. And game designing. And eating chocolate. And website creation. And… did I mention chocolate? We’re also big on cats. CATS! \o/ We also have lots of dog lovers…

We also welcome anyone who doesn’t fit this description, or who anyone doesn’t play FFXIV but who wants to join our Discord server to be around like-minded creative individuals, because we believe that anyone can have a home here if they want it – most of us are on the Discord more than they’re on FFXIV because we’ve build a home, not just an FC. We want to make Artnia into a big, supportive family – we already have a strong core membership who loves meeting new friends.

Basically, we’re a friendly bunch who want to meet like-minded creative individuals (or fans of) who’ll fill up our chats, post work in a friendly, encouraging environment, and keep a mature chat while being polite to one another. We welcome anyone from all walks of life – we’re a diverse, accepting bunch from all over the world. We also welcome any player level, so don’t be afraid to drop in and see us or say hello. Please check out the top links for more of our work. ^^

We love Final Fantasy, too, so if you think this FC is a good fit, don’t be afraid to send us a message or apply directly through our FC window on FFXIV! You can also chat to us on Discord to see if we’re good for each other – you don’t even have to join the FC immediately.

We look forward to meeting you and we hope you’ll bring lots of fun, laughter, chat, creativity, or just general niceness!

Also, we have a raid team and almost enough members for a second one, so if anyone wants to come in and lead a second team, please come and have a chat with us!

All the best,

Artnia FC

A Note to All Artists and Members

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Artnia FC Notice to All Members

Please note: by joining Artnia FC, you grant us license to display any creative work you upload to the Discord server on our social media pages and website at our discretion. You must be the copyright holder of all work you upload; i.e. you must have created it yourself before sharing it with others.

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Posting Your Work

Artnia FC reserves the right to remove any work posted here and on its social media accounts without notice to the copyright holder.

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Your Rights

Any work displayed on this site and its associated social media accounts remains copyright of its creator, who has kindly granted Artnia FC permission to display their work and who retains all rights.

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P.S. We also accept people who want to try our Discord server before joining the FC


How We’re Set Up in Artnia






Helps with organising events


Brings new creators into the fold


Artists and crafters


Musicians & singers


Interior designers (anywhere)


Writers and poets


Video editors or filmmakers




Culinary creators


Game developers


Appreciators of creativity


New recruits

N.B. All the non-officer roles have equal rights.

Discord-only Roles


Members who’ve reached at least level 100 by chatting on the Discord server. Our bot keeps track of everyone’s levels. There are some small perks associated with this role.


Members who’ve achieved over 100 rep points by chatting on the Discord server and earning reputation points from other members. There are some small perks associated with this role.

We also have hidden channels in our Discord server for K-pop / South Korean things, a DnD group, raid groups, NSFW art (we’d LOVE more members who would post work here if it’s done tastefully – we don’t have a lot of NSFW artists / FFXIV screenshotters right now), etc. There’s something for everyone!

We look forward to meeting you at Artnia
Join our Discord!

Member Posts

Featured Posts

This section comprises the web designer's page and her partner Zoë's page - but her partner, Zoë (Sorya), tragically lost her life in March 2020 to two stomach cancers. Sorya's unfinished page stands as a memorial to Vany's talented, bright soulmate, and there is a room dedicated to Sorya in the FC mansion. She will be sorely missed and will always be a most-loved member of Artnia.

Please note: although we do try to keep a family-friendly chat, be aware that most members are adults, and if you put adults together, sometimes you get 18+ topics. But these do stay respectful and, often, jokey and light.

How to Join Artnia


Our House

Artnia’s Comic

Artnia Members


Please await content once this section is finalised

This page lists Artnia members’ profile pages. Creating a profile on this site allows you to write blog posts or upload / link to and document your work. The contents of profiles are curated by each member themselves. Members retain all rights to their own work and can delete posts, or their entire account, without any additional permissions.

Please note, this page only displays those members who have chosen to make a profile. We have more people on our Discord server and in FFXIV.

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