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HTML and CSS ...but no actual world languages :/
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Vanyelle Aethendrelle
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United Kingdom
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I'm a nerd. I make websites for fun, like this one, as well as write epic fantasy and paint K-pop idols. I also love photography but I don't get out much any more to take photos. As for why I qualify for nerd status, I love code and building PCs and tinkering with the inner bowels of things I shouldn't. I might also enjoy anime and fantasy, and perhaps I get far too much pleasure from seeing a well-written piece of CSS. I also have the superpower of BEING AUTISTIC, so don't mess with me, y'all. Oh, and I also LOVE CHAINSAWS and POWER TOOLS, but cos I'm dyspraxic, no one will trust me with them. Blergh. CHAINSAW ALL THE THINGS.
One day I might switch the PS4 on and check. Maybe.
Artberries are people who create all forms of art and aesthetic things--3D art, traditional art, digital art, prop creation, cosplay work, game art, V...
Scribberries love writing--poetry, blogs, novels, short stories, novelettes, novellas, song writing, etc.
Snapberries love photography. They might have a DSLR, a bridge camera, an SLR, or even just their mobile--but they love taking photos.
Artnia FC Interior Design
Homeberries love designing homes, whether that be by using specialist design software, a pencil and paper, or house-building features in games.
Filmberries love making movies or working with videos, whether that be uploading Youtube vids, running a vlog, etc.
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